Pink Wardrobe

So, I had taken over hubby’s wardrobes with my coats.   It happens.  But out of the kindness of my heart I decided that I would let him have his wardrobe back.  I know… so thoughtful.  The problem was I had no storage, nowhere to hang my coats.  So I decided to get a new home for them.  A relatively cheap new home. 

I am currently sorting out the box room, you know the one, the smallest bedroom that has that annoying stairwell box thing.. or the proper term (I learned) is the bulkhead.  Who knew?  I am in the middle of studying for my post-graduate, so I needed to make it a useful space rather than the room, where all the ‘stuff’ piles up and wanted to turn it into a study/reading/craft/storage room. A jack of all trades sort of room. Actually, it has since become my dressing room too.

Pax Wardrobe

So, after checking online for a relatively cheap wardrobe I came across the Pax wardrobe on the Ikea website. I decided to go with the basic frame and two doors, as you can pick from a range of doors I went with the doors called ‘Bergsbo’ The wardrobe frame was 100 x 58 x 201cm and the doors were 50 x 195cm.

photo: IKEA

When I go to Ikea, which is not very often, I head straight for the Bargain Corner to see what they have.  What??  No way!! The PAX wardrobe frames were there, all stacked on a crate..boxes of them (Ikea is all flat pack) Brilliant! I couldn’t believe it, they were marked half price, reduced from €70 to €35. The doors (which I needed two) were also reduced! From €35 to €15. Fantastic! a total savings of €75!

Ikea Pax Wardrobe frame

Hubby helped me assemble the wardrobe.  Well, I helped hubby assemble the wardrobe.  Okay, hubby assembled the wardrobe. 

The paint

The box room is North facing, so I wanted bright but gentle colours and so had decided I loved Farrow & Ball’s Calamine, a pink grey colour.  Alas, my paint stockist did not have that shade but mixed up the shade for me.

I first primed both the doors and frame.  I only did the outside as I was leaving the inside white. Just roll on the primer, so the paint sticks.  It’s important not to miss this step, especially on a surface that is not wood. 

The primer took me about 15 mins, including the doors.  I left to dry for an hour and gave one coat of paint.  It was so easy to do.  This took about 20 mins.

One of the doors with it’s first coat

The next day I gave it a second coat and 24 hours later, rubbed wax for furniture on the wardrobe and buffed it off.

Apologies for not being able to get a proper full length picture, the room is small and it was a bit tricky to get room to stand back and take a decent pic.

the light is different in this photo as I am facing the window

There is many types of interiors you can add, drawers, shelves etc. I decided I wanted two drawers (for t-shirts) and two baskets (for handbags).

Wardrobe interior

To add shelves or drawers etc, a divider frame is needed, so they can slide easily, the one I bought is called ‘Komplement’ which cost €30. The drawers, which come on sliders, for soft closing were €20 each and the mesh baskets with pull out rail were €10.

I went with 2 drawers and 2 mesh baskets
Ikea Komplement drawer
t-shirts all folded so I can see them

How did I manage before? Hubby now has his wardrobe back and I have a home for my coats and jackets that cost only €155!

Inside with coats and jackets hanging up

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