What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by another word would smell as sweet”  this was said by Juliet to her beloved Romeo, meaning that if he wasn’t from the house of Montague, it would be fine and that a name does not affect who you are.  That may be, but it can give a perception to someone of what or who you are.  So having said that, the time had come to change the name of this blog.

I have been thinking of changing the name for a long time and decided the time was now, before too much content was on the website and it became an irritation to transfer all the stuff.  My old PC crashed, hence why there hasn’t been many posts lately but I have recently bought myself a lovely new PC and hope to get back into the swing of things soon and as a refresh, the first thing is the new name for this blog.

Before “Google” was “Google”, it was called ” BackRub”,  “Pepsi-Cola” was “Brad’s drink” and “Yahoo” used to be called “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web”!  Somehow, “BackRub it” doesn’t seem to ring in the auld ear as good as “Google it”.  Now, I am not saying that my little blog is on a par to these large names, but the word “snug” wasn’t working.  My perception of “snug” was cosy, comfy and warm.  Alas, to many others it conjured up “the pub”.  Oh dear…while, I admit, I am partial to occasionally frequenting such an establishment, I was horrified that my cosy, comfy, warm “snug” would be associated with the stench of booze!

Au revoir “the happy snug”

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a name for your blog?  A name that speaks to someone what your blog is about?  It’s such a pain!  This blog isn’t about just one area, such as a travel blog, or a fashion blog, oh that would have made it so much easier to come up with a name.  No, it’s a general blog about anything I have done or am doing, Christ, what could I call it?  I wrote down long lists of words on each topic I have posted on.  Thesaurus is your friend, lots of different word alternatives for such a task.  But, nothing appealed to me, this was SO frustrating!  So I closed my little pink notebook.


Wait….my little pink notebook.  I carry a notebook in my bag to jot down ideas, (I am currently attending a desktop publishing course and the notepad is your buddy)  things I need to do, tasks I really must get to for this blog, shopping lists etc.

Bonjour “the little pink notebook”

The little pink notebook.  This is the new name for the blog.  Next to check that the domain (that’s the url address) name was not already gone.  Yay!  it was still there, so I got it.  I suppose having the word ‘pink’ in the name, could make it sound girly, but I hope that all will embrace the name change, after all there is a man’s shop in town called ‘Pink’, the artist Pink is cool and funky, not all girly.  My last notebook was full of daisies, this could easily have been called ‘the little daisy notebook’!

So welcome all to the little pink notebook!  I hope you enjoy reading my future posts under the new name!



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