Ikea Hack to coffee dock!

I needed a coffee dock, somewhere for my nice, new, shiny, espresso machine.  Clutter on my kitchen worktops is one of my least favourite things.  Alas I don’t have a huge amount of storage, so sometimes it’s inevitable there’s ‘stuff’ on my counters.  My ambition is that my next kitchen will have tons and tons of storage! But for now I needed a home for my new coffee machine.   I needed a coffee dock and I definitely had space in a corner of my kitchen where my new coffee dock could live.

I saw lots of lovely inspiration through google and Pinterest and decided to buy a Förhöja Kitchen trolley from Ikea for €100.  Once home it was very easy to assemble.  It is easy to put your own unique style on any piece of furniture to customize it to your own taste.

What I did next

Once assembled, I got to work, wiping down the trolley clean, checking for jagged wood edges, luckily there was none. First coat put on was an undercoat, which I left to dry for 24 hours

Tip:  Try to paint during the day in natural light, you can see much better.

The drawers I left unpainted as I was going to do something different with the drawers.  A thin layer of Farrow and Ball, French Grey was applied and left to dry for 24 hours.  French Grey is the colour of my kitchen, hence why I chose it.  The next day I gave it a second coat of colour.

The drawers

Big credit to hubby, who helped me with the drawers and came up with the genius idea of using the back of metal signs.  For the drawers I wanted an industrial look.  While the paint was drying I took one of the metal signs I had bought for €2 each and measured them against the drawer front and cut to size.  These metal signs can be bought in places like Mr Price or Dealz.

The drawers were slightly longer than the metal sign, so I used 1½ signs, they overlapped slightly, but I liked that not perfect, industrialised look.  Putting metal on the drawer fronts, I drilled small pilot holes through the metal into the wood (making the holes first stops the wood from splitting) and secured with galvanised nails through the holes.  I then attached a heavy duty handle on the front.

the worktop,

I had thought about putting an oak block on it as I had some left over from when I replaced my counter tops.  First I wanted to see how the pine wood would come out with the counter varnish I use on the Oak.  I was happy with it, I liked the colour, it had a lovely warm hue to it, so decided to leave it as it was!


Two wine crates are placed on the bottom shelf which I had got in a local off-licence.   After, sanding, I varnished them with the same counter top varnish (which incidentally is safe for food) I had used for the worktop on the trolley.


An old picture frame was used for the blackboard.  The frame was rustic looking and would look good as a blackboard.

I took out the glass and the picture and painted the board inside with blackboard paint and let dry.

Tip:  Before writing (or drawing) with chalk on your new blackboard, use the side of your chalk and chalk the whole board, you can then wipe this off, this sort of seals it and prevents your first words (or drawing) staying on the board forever.

So there it is a kitchen trolley hacked into a coffee dock!

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