my first blog post

My first blog post

Hello! and welcome to my first blog post! I thought that as it’s my very first post, I would tell you what this blog will be about and a little about me too! So pull up a chair and have a little read.

I was born in England, moved to the middle of Ireland when I was 11, lived in London for 3 years when I was 19 and have lived in Dublin for 19 years, so I suppose you could call me a bit of a mongrel. Married to Mark for over two years. I work full time in an office and the commute is a nightmare, a huge nightmare. I am not sporty, in fact I am probably a bit lazy when it comes to exercise, but I aim to get better for 2017, I like good food, wine, gin & tonic, cocktails (drink theme going on here….must change direction quick) cheese, rugby, diy, visiting lots of places and history. I took piano and guitar lessons for a long time, but can’t play either. When I was young, I took ballet lessons for a little while and now have the grace of an elephant in a china shop. I did gymnastics in Secondary School, entered a couple of competitions and was completely rubbish, I really was! I have an Honours Degree from UCD in Sociology and History, but have never used it. I think I am an excellent driver, a bit like rain man did and in the early 90s I was madly in love with Kevin Costner. But enough about me, before I lose you at hello!

So, why did I start a blog?

Well, I have asked myself that too, all I know about blogging is what I have researched to set up this one. I don’t know any bloggers, but have read some blogs, that’s the extent of my expertise! However, I thought, hmmm, maybe I could do that, I will be sensational! So this blog is my new hobby.

Then came the self-doubt, the fear of putting yourself out there, naked so to speak (not really naked, no-one would like to see that, trust me..), followed by the nagging thoughts, ‘but what if no-one reads my stuff?’ ‘what if the stuff I put up is not good enough?’ ‘what if people think I’m daft?’ and ‘well, who does she think she is anyway?’ but, you know, I won’t know if people will read my stuff or be interested in what I put up, I’m going to give this blog a go anyway. I don’t claim to be an expert on what I will share with you, but I hope you enjoy what I post! So, I put the self-doubt and the nagging little men in my head to the back of my brain and took the plunge and looked into it. I did some research, started designing my website back in November and thought I would be all ready to go before Christmas 2016, boy, was I ambitious! I had to learn all the tools about blogging, wordpress themes, email marketing, domains, plugins, css code, seo’s blah blah blah….are you still with me? Anyway it took me longer than I thought and that was without having some content to put up on the darn blog! ‘what was I thinking?’ ‘am I insane?’ yes, maybe I am, but I actually enjoyed it all, though it wasn’t unheard of that I would stay up until about 3 in the morning, then get up a few hours later for work…yep it’s official, I am insane! I do not recommend it, it’s aging on your skin and eyes, I now look at least 10 years older than I did in November! I’m sure of it! My problem is, I have no patience, I wanted things done quickly, I jumped straight in and started with a free website design, but it was so limiting and I couldn’t design it the way I wanted, it would have taken me forever, even if I was a computer programmer in a previous life, I had forgotten it all! So, I bought a theme (a website design) and it was so much easier, the code is practically written for you and it was much easier to design the way I wanted.

‘So what’s this all about then, this old blog?’

The blog will be about crafts, cooking, baking, reviews, a mish-mash of what interests me, from beauty and fashion, diy to books, cakes to crafts, trends to travel. I have always enjoyed crafts, cooking and DIY, just making things in general, so I thought I would share my stories and show you how I got on with the things I tried.

I hope maybe, it will inspire you to even attempt some of the crafts, recipes & DIY!  Believe me, I am NO expert, but doing creative stuff is fun! It’s good for the soul!  It has also been proven to be good for your health! It relieves stress!  It’s like yoga for your brain…trust me! And when it’s a success, you get a lovely, happy sense of self-achievement, and we all like to feel good, don’t we? Remember! Yoga for the brain! It increases brain function and you will get all the happy endorphins, the boosters to help you live a healthy, creative, happy life and Shrinks are so expensive these days.  So go on! Start trying to find a balance in your life, enjoy making things, going for walks, travelling, reading, crafts, cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting, whatever you like to do! Get a bike! There’s an excellent idea, I bought a bike a few years back, a lovely red one and I love it (note to self, get the bike out and dust off the cobwebs and do that exercise for 2017!). I even bought a basket for the front and had visions of me cycling through lovely parks in a long white flowing dress with flowers in my hair.   Needless to say, the vision in my head and the reality of it happening are two different things, holy moly, I would probably get my dress caught in the spokes, go over the handlebars and die or something!

As I work full-time, I  will be an occasional blogger but  aim to post 1 – 2 times a week, so please come and join me, follow on facebook, instagram all the social media thingys and do sign up to receive email, you can also message me on the contact page, I’d love to hear from you! I’d be interested in your comments, thoughts, any questions you may have, show me things you have done, made, places you have visited or books you’d recommend.

So to get down to business, my second post is how to make, one of my favourite cocktails, ‘the cosmopolitan’. What? I hear you say? Is that what she means by ‘recipes?’, well it has ingredients and fruit, so it’s good for you! But of course I will share cooking recipes and cakes too, along with my reviews.

Thank you for reading my first ever blog post (if you managed to stay with me, well done!) as I’m a newbie to this, I may be wobbly at first, but I hope you will stick with me and enjoy my blog!

Thanks for stopping by!



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