Ikea hack to coffee dock!

Ikea Hack to coffee dock!

I needed a coffee dock, somewhere for my nice, new, shiny, espresso machine.  Clutter on my kitchen worktops is one of my least favourite things.  Alas I don’t have a…


Go see explore Barcelona – I recently did.  It’s  a lively, vibrant city, rich in art and culture located on the Mediterranean.  It is cosmopolitan and trendy, let’s not forget the…

Rooftop bar The Marker Hotel Dublin

Dinner at The Marker Hotel, Dublin

The Brasserie Dinner at the Brasserie, The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin. Last Friday night, we had the pleasure of trying out The Brasserie in the Marker Hotel.  We…

Chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies!

Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Cookies

Be like Cookie Monster and have a cookie! We all love a cookie right? Chocolate chip cookies with milk or a cup of tea, if you like, is a delight.…

Gin Makes You Sin, so they say…

Gin and Tonic – how do you like yours? Drink fads come and go.   A couple of years ago it was Whiskey and according to those in the know the…

Pretty towns & villages in Tuscany to visit!

A visit to Tuscany is a definite bucket list item.  Tuscany has many pretty towns and villages to discover.   In my previous post, I covered Florence, Lucca and Siena which we used…

A trip to Florence, Siena & Lucca in Tuscany!

Two weeks in beautiful Tuscany If you are ever lucky enough to get the chance to visit Tuscany, I would highly recommend you take it!

paint a dresser

Breathe new life into a dresser by painting it!

Today I am sharing how I painted my dresser to fit into my home. 

Linguine with prawns

Linguine with Prawns

Today, I am sharing my recipe for Linguine with Prawns. This is a quick and easy dinner you can cook in the evening after a long day and you want…

winter suite, carton house

The Winter Suite & grounds of Carton House

This is a follow on from my first post earlier in the week about our stay in Carton House Hotel.