Breathe new life into a dresser by painting it!

Today I am sharing how I painted my dresser to fit into my home. I wanted to breathe some new life into this large piece of furniture that has been lurking in my house.  The piece in question is a big lump of Oak furniture, which my TV was sitting upon.  Yes, I admit, I have a large TV in my bedroom.

I know that it’s not good to have a TV in your bedroom.  Apart from ruining the aesthetics of your lovely bedroom, all the experts say you shouldn’t have one. They say that the least amount of electrical stuff in your bedroom is the best way to go in order to get a good night’s sleep.  However, I am fortunate enough not to ever have trouble sleeping.  If I haven’t nodded off as soon as my head hits the pillow, I usually fall asleep with the TV quietly in the background.

For years, I loved nothing better than to read a book in bed.  But as I get older, my eyesight gets worse and I wear glasses to read. Therefore, it is not a bit comfortable to lie in bed reading with the side of my glasses poking into the side of my head.  I have, therefore got into the very bad habit of switching the TV on every night I go to bed!

Ok enough of my excuses on having a TV in the bedroom, it’s part of my life now and we must learn to accept this naughty life choice I have made!

How to paint a dresser!

Breathe new life into old furniture by painting it

Back to my big lump of furniture!  As I mentioned it is Oak.  Now, I would never normally paint lovely Oak, but this dresser was orange!  I think it was originally kitchen furniture, but I am re-purposing it into bedroom furniture.

The picture doesn’t show how ugly and orange it actually was! It also didn’t fit in with the rest of my cream French bedroom furniture.

This big dresser had great storage though and we can never have enough storage! So, to make it fit for purpose in my house, I decided to paint it.

You can customise any old pieces of furniture to fit into your home to suit your style and taste.  It doesn’t cost a lot, just the price of a tin of paint!

Materials I used:

Frenchic paint – Lazy Range – colour Crème de la Crème (750ml)
Paint brush
Artist paint brush
Dish cloths for wiping down
Furniture wax
Coarse sand paper
Fine grit sand paper
Masking tape
lint free cloth (for buffing, I used a cut up old tea towel)


The beauty about this paint is that it is made for going straight on to wood, plastic, pvc, metal.  There is no priming!  However, you need to clean the piece thoroughly.  So, first, I washed it thoroughly with sugar soap. There was a lot of orange coming off this lump of a thing and I scrubbed a lot.

Next, I sanded the top of the dresser and the ridge halfway down, as I wanted to leave the wood showing. I used coarse sandpaper to bring it back to a nice colour of wood.  I also gave a light sanding with the coarse sandpaper to the rest of the dresser, to make the paint stick.  I hoovered up the sand dust and wiped down the dresser with a damp cloth.

After it had dried, I used a fine grit sandpaper to make it smooth.   Once again I hoovered up the sand dust and wiped the whole dresser with a damp cloth.  I also removed the drawers, so that I could paint them separately.


Once it was dry I put masking tape on the areas I didn’t want the paint to touch, such as the ridge halfway down and around the top edges, then I started to paint it.

The paint I used was Frenchic Lazy Range Creme de la Creme.  This paint is for painting furniture and has a built in wax, so I didn’t need to wax over the paint at the end.

I have used Frenchic paint before, but not the lazy range. I found this paint a bit thick and sticky going on.

There are ridges on the drawers and on the doors of the dresser and I used an artist’s brush to get in to these areas.

I left the first coat to dry for 24 hours and then applied a second coat.

You don’t need to leave it to dry for that long according to the tin, but I wanted to make sure it had cured properly before the next coat.

This is the second coat on one of the drawers.   I quite like the look of the brush strokes on this.  If you don’t like brush strokes you could use a foam roller.

I left the second coat to dry for about five hours.

I did think about changing the knobs on the dresser, but they were fastly stuck in, so I decided to leave them and paint them too.  I didn’t want to break them if I removed them, as in the future I may restore the dresser back to the original oak wood.

Next, I got a clean lint free cloth, I used an old cut up tea towel, and I started buffing like mad to get the wax working in the paint.

This does need some elbow grease, but i was worth it.  There was a lovely light sheen to the paint.

I took off the masking tape and used the furniture wax I already had and waxed the wood top and ridge.

How I painted my dresser

And that was all there was to it! This is the finished article!  It has actually brightened up the bedroom, as it is now the same colour as the rest of the bedroom furniture!  What do you think?

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