Clever way to use up leftover tiles!

Want a quick and clever way to use up leftover tiles? Turn them into coasters!There are many talented people out there who are painting  graphics and pictures on to  tiles etc.
painted tuscan tile

Above is a terracotta tile I picked up in Tuscany last year which was painted with a lovely Tuscan scene.   I thought it was so pretty and it gave me the idea of doing something with the leftover tiles I had lurking in the shed for years.

Now, I am not as ambitious as thinking I could paint a lovely scene! I had to make it simple for myself, so I decided to use gold spray paint and just mask off a design on each tile with masking tape to make stripes. I got the simplicity of my design from various posts on Pinterest where people had used stencils or masking tape. There are some great ideas on there, so check it out!

This is how my tiles-turned-into-coasters turned out!

I’m happy with out they turned out, it is such an easy thing to do and would make a great present for a family member or friend!


Materials I used:

4-6 tiles each 4″ square
Modge Podge or other white craft glue
Paint brush for spreading glue
Spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum Metallic Bright gold)
Leftover fabric (for using as the non-slip surface underneath your coaster)
Rust-Oleum Polyurethane spray (Protective sealant)
Masking tape

How I did it:

First I gave the tiles a wash in some soapy water to make sure they were clean and dried them off with a tea-towel.

I put masking tape on the tiles in different directions, depending on what look I wanted. The part the masking tape covers will be protected from getting painted.

On the back of each tile, I put sellotape along the four edges to catch any dripping paint.

I placed the tiles on a raised platform, outside (I used empty plastic planters that were lying around).  (excuse the state of the grass!)

The smell of the spray paint is very strong, so it’s better to spray paint outside.

Next, I started to spray paint a couple of thin coats, moving the can back and over. I used Rust-Olleum Mettalic Bright Gold spray paint.

Then I left them overnight to dry.

The next day, I removed the masking tape.

Now I had a lovely custom made coaster! ….except, I didn’t want the paint to come off, or a hot drink sticking to it or even leave horrible water stains, so now I had to protect them


To do this I used Rust-Oleum Polyurethane Spray, you can pick this up in your local DIY shop. It’s a hard-wearing clear protective finish for wood, metal and painted surfaces and protects and seals your painted coasters.

In a well ventilated area I sprayed my painted tiles with polyurethane spray and then left to dry. This made them hard-wearing. It also created a lovely sheen on the tile.

Now I needed to have a soft surface underneath, so my coaster tile didn’t scratch my lovely Oak table! For this I had some lovely velvet fabric left over.

I chalked around the tiles and cut out just inside the square with pinking shears. I used pinking shears as this will stop the fabric fraying.

Underneath the tiles I glued the fabric squares to the bottom. The velvet fabric slides smoothly over my wooden surfaces and saves them from nasty scratches.

clever way to use up leftover tiles

I have tested the coasters with hot drinks and the mug doesn’t stick or leave water stains. A total success! And such a quick and easy DIY project to do!

UPDATE 16.7.17

I have noticed that a bit of the paint was starting to come off, so I would advise at least three coats of the polyurethane spray, just to ensure the paint is sealed better.




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