Pork Chops in white wine & cream sauce!

Pork chops in a white wine & cream sauce
Pork chops in a white wine & cream sauce

Looking for a different way to have your Pork chops, well then, what about Pork chops in white wine & cream sauce?

Cooking Pork Chops is always a quick and simple dinner. For handiness I usually season them with salt and pork seasoning and put them in a casserole dish with a lid, pop them in the oven and come back 30 minutes later and they are done! But I was looking to do something different with them this time.  So I decided to fry them and make a sauce to go with them.

I’m all about simple, quick, easy recipes and this sauce is quick and easy. The chops and the white wine creamy sauce is a classic comfort food!

Here’s how I made it!

Pork chops in white wine & cream sauce

What you need:

Pork chops
Sea salt
Olive oil
Chopped Rosemary
2 cloves crushed garlic
Glass of white wine

pork chops

Heat up your frying pan with some olive oil, then place your chops in it, don’t overcrowd the pan, two at a time only. Season with some sea salt, remembering to turn them when they are cooked on one side.

Take the chops out of the pan and leave aside, you can put some tin foil over them to keep them warm.

Next the sauce:

white wine & cream sauce

Add your garlic, rosemary and thyme to the pan and add the wine. Let that bubble away for 5 minutes.

You want to reduce the sauce, so it thickens.  What this means is by bringing the liquid to a rapid boil, it turns into steam and escapes from the pan, in turn reducing its original volume. Don’t cover your pan, so the steam can escape.

Once you are happy the sauce has reduced, sieve it, so that it is a smooth liquid. Put the sieved liquid back into the pan.

then add the cream.

pork chops in white wine & cream sauce

Next put the pork chops back into the pan and let it bubble away in the sauce for about 3 minutes.  The pork chops finish cooking in that creamy white wine sauce and then serve.

Pork chops in a white wine & cream sauce
Pork chops in a white wine & cream sauce

I served mine on creamy mashed potatoes. This sauce was lovely with the chops.  Why don’t you try something different with your pork chops and give this recipe a go?

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