DIY Tutorial: Turn an Old Teapot into a Planter

Today I’ll give you a tutorial on how to turn an old teapot like mine into a happy home for a plant!

I love plants and flowers. I’ve learned over the years not to kill them and most of my plants thrive for years. Take my orchids, I was told that they are hard to keep alive and they don’t last long etc. I was sure I would get a couple of months, tops, out of them. But, to my delight (and surprise) they are still going strong, almost three years later!


I’ve been asked, what’s my secret to not killing them? Well, I don’t over water them. Every now and then I will take them out of the decorative pot and run them under the tap and make sure I don’t get the leaves wet. I never let them sit in water in their pot. They also seem to love the sunlight. I have two on my kitchen window and one on my bathroom window and honestly that is all I do with them! (both my kitchen and bathroom windows face south, so that helps)

I love planting pots for the Summer and have already planted loads, which are on their way to bursting with colour!

Carnations in planter

Carnations in planter

Whilst I have generic pots, I do like planters that are interesting. I couldn’t resist buying this planter that looks like a milk urn, isn’t it pretty?

milk urn planter

Though, I’m not sure what plant I will put in it just yet as the top is narrow enough.

Here’s my pink margueritas looking all pretty already! It’s May now and they will last all Summer!


Plants & flowers make me happy and anything can be turned into a flower pot or planter! There are so many household items that you have no use for and it’s such a shame not to re-invent them someway.   So, rather than throw them out turn them into an interesting planter!

old teapot

I had an old Denby teapot that had a chip in it and no lid. It was no good obviously for tea anymore, so rather than sending it to teapot heaven, I decided to turn it into a flower pot!

What you’ll need:

  • teapot
  • electric drill
  • masonry bit
  • gravel
  • compost /potting soil
  • plant of choice
  • masking tape


First turn your pot upside down. Make sure you are working on a non-slip surface. Put masking tape across the bottom and mark your hole in the centre. This is for drainage.   The worse thing for plants is to kill them by leaving them sitting in water. Drainage is good!

Now run the drill as slowly as possible and try to keep the drill and pot as steady as you can. Depending on the material you are drilling through it can take 30 minutes or a couple of minutes. My teapot took about 15 minutes to drill through very slowly.

It is important to go slow, as it can crack, so don’t put too much pressure on the drill. Once you have successfully made the hole, you can do the fun bit – planting!

Before potting, I always get a bucket of water and submerge the plant until all the air bubbles stop, this ensures the plant has adequate water before you plant.

Put some gravel in the bottom, again good for drainage and fill up your pot with compost about ¾ of the way, then put in your plant, filling around the edges with more compost.

Old teapot into planter

So that’s all there is to it! An old teapot up-cycled to a pretty flower pot!


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