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Image skincare

Today’s post is about Image skincare and the four products from their range that I use daily.  I started using these about four years ago when I decided to try and get my skin looking good for my upcoming wedding.

My skin was dull, tired and uneven in tone.  I had faint broken capillaries showing on the tops of my cheeks.  I could get these removed, but I am a coward where all things surgical or needles are required.  My skin needed a big drink of water or something magic and effective to brighten it up.

One of the best things you can do for your  skin is to drink plenty of water.  Experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day.  I try, every now and then, but thats a lot of water for me.  I am horrified to say I am not a big water fan.   I know, I know, I am a disgrace to the human race.  I do drink it, but not enough of it.  I console myself with the thought that I drink a lot of coffee, A LOT of coffee and hey ho that has water in it! Darn it, I love coffee, I can’t give it up, please don’t ask me to.

To get back to my skin dilemma, I am fortunate enough not to have ever suffered with acne.  But, unfortunate enough to suffer from dry & flaky skin.  Sometimes it also gets sensitive and red.

When I was 11 years of age, my mother handed me a small pot of Nivea cream to put on my dry, flakey face every morning.  Its purpose was to combat against the weather, especially the wind as I made my way to school.  I was delighted, it was a definite affirmation that I was all grown-up, here was the proof!  My own pot of face cream!  How fabulous! From that day on, I have put face cream on my face every single morning.

I have always had odd skin and pick up every skin condition going.  To this day, after baths or showers I put lots of cream on my arms and legs, if I don’t, my skin shrivels up like delicate paper!  After a heavy night out or lack of sleep, all these wonderful skin failings would multiply by 100!  Terribly unattractive, so rather than put a paper bag over my head on my wedding day, action was needed.

I booked an appointment with Therapie clinic in Molesworth Street, Dublin to get my skin analysed as to what would be the best treatments for my face.  Once decided, my first treatment was to be a 4 layer facelift peel and we would go from there.  This sounds more surgical than it actually was.  It is for dry and dehydrated skin like mine with a bit of rosacea, the dreaded red skin syndrome, many of us have.

I was promised the peel would enhance and improve my skin, even out the skin tone and improve texture.  It was a lovely facial, despite the name ‘face-lift peel’.  A glycolic and retinol treatment, the key ingredient being Aloe Vera which exfoliated the dead surface skin cells, leaving my skin feeling so soft, lovely, firm and healthy.  It also visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines. Already I could see and feel a difference!

On my second appointment I requested an Oxygen Lift, I had read their brochure and it sounded wonderful.  My skin was thoroughly cleansed to remove dirt, make-up and impurities, an enzymatic peel applied to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells.  An Oxygenating Masque which injected, you guessed it, Oxygen, which was absorbed into my skin.  Next step was a stem cell enhancer cream with vitamin c to repair and pep my skin.

After these two different types of treatments to boost my skin, I was now moving on to Vitamin C facials.  Vitamin C has a wonderfully unique status; it is considered the superstar of anti-aging! Vitamin C’s function as an antioxidant benefits the skin from damaging free radicals, improving hydration significantly and keeping your skin looking younger for longer!  I loved these facials! They were so relaxing and I loved the smell of the Image skincare products that were used!

Image skincare
Image skincare

My skin had never looked better and I noticed a difference straight away!  My broken capillaries were more faded, my skin tone had evened out and my face felt fresh, clean and very soft!  I wanted more of this!

After my second Image Vitamin C facial, I bought the Image skincare products and have done so ever since. Until I can be convinced that other skincare products will be as good for my skin, I will probably stick with these. That is of course, unless I become immune or they stop working for me and I start looking more and more like an old bag!

Facials are not cheap and are a treat, they range at approximately €100 a go.  I had managed to get a deal of 6 treatments, which worked out at €60 each. Keep an eye out for offers.  I would probably have given myself a treat to one of these facials every 6 weeks or so, but it is so hard to get an appointment that suits my time, which is disappointing. Evening appointments are the most popular and are taken weeks in advance and most of the time I had to cancel as my commitments and schedules changed so I really couldn’t commit all the time to appointments 6-8 weeks in advance.

I compensate by using the products at home instead.  The Image skincare products I use are; Vital C serum, Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturiser, Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser and the Ageless Total Facial Cleanser. At Christmas they do a gift bag with Image products and a little make-up bag which works out at a saving of about approximately €30, which is good value.

So what’s the difference between a serum and a moisturiser? Do I need both?

Both serums and moisturisers help the skin in different ways.  Serums are thinner and lighter and they contain active ingredients that penetrate deeply into your skin.  You apply serum straight after cleansing.  Serums boost the hydrating effects of your moisturiser and the hyaluronic acid contained in the serum allows the skin to breathe more than a cream moisturiser which doesn’t penetrate as deep as a serum. This is because serum has smaller molecules than moisturizer.

If you are young and lucky enough to have good skin, you don’t need both.  Big cosmetic companies will tell you otherwise and although serums do boost the skin’s appearance, a cream moisturiser on its own is good enough too.

My daily routine

However, my skin is not beautiful and I do use a serum together with moisturiser. My daily routine is;


  •  1)  Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser;
  • 2)   Vital C anti-aging serum;
  • 3)   Daily hydrating Moisturiser with SPF30.


  • 1)    Ageless total facial cleanser to remove makeup and cleanse my skin
  • 2)    Vital C anti-aging serum;
  • 3)    Daily hydrating moisturizer SPF30  (I only use the moisturiser at night if I have run out of night cream)

Below is a breakdown of my review of each of these 4 products.

Vital C hydrating facial cleanser

Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser

I use this first thing in the morning.  It’s a creamy, super hydrating cleanser, I sometimes have used it for removing make-up at night too which it does brilliantly.  It is meant for us that suffer from sensitive, dry or even sun-damaged skin.  The great thing about this cleanser is that it has the benefit of being a combined cleanser, exfoliator and toner, great value for money!  As the name suggests its key ingredient is Vitamin C, the best anti-aging anti-oxidant there is and Vitamin A.

I put cleanser straight on to my face and massage in to my skin for about a minute and then wipe off with a hot flannel. My skin feels clean and silky smooth after using this cleanser.  Like all Image Vital C products it has the lovely peeled orange smell.

Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum

This is a hydrating serum that has highly potent anti-oxidants that nourish the skin for a healthy glow.  It contains Vitamin C, A and E.  It has a lovely orange smell and a little bit goes a long way.  I have been using this for so long now there is no sensitivity, however I do remember when I first started using it there was a slight tingle.  My skin definitely is better and I saw the effect this serum had after the first week of using it.  I put this on every morning and every night.

I put the serum straight on after cleanser, while my face is still wet.  My skin feels soft and smooth afterwards.  It has the added benefit of being an anti-aging serum and it tightens the skin.

Prevention+ Daily hydrating moisturiser SPF30

I love this moisturiser!  I don’t think I could live without it, well, not at the moment anyway.  If I was allowed to bring only three things to a desert island, this moisturiser would have to be one of those things!

I apply this after putting on the vital C serum.  It is creamy and my skin feels lovely and fresh.  It absorbs quickly and smells lovely and it contains anti-aging ingredients, it improves hydration and eradicates free radical damage with its blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory green tea.  It has UVA/UVB protection with an SPF of 30, so has a high sun protection and is really good for dry/sensitive skin or if you suffer from rosacea.

I use this as a base for my make-up and my primer and foundation goes on nice and smooth.  You can also use this under your sunscreen if you want a higher protection in the sun.

Ageless Total Facial Cleanser

This is a 3-in-1 body and facial cleanser that washes away makeup and oil, exfoliates and tones. I put a small amount of the cleanser on my face and massage for about a minute.  I use a hot flannel and wipe it off.  I find this a stronger type of facial cleanser to the Vital C cleanser I use in the morning.  It exfoliates the skin which makes it nice and smooth.  My face feels fresh and really clean.

This is the best cleanser I have ever used, it doesn’t dry out my skin and has a lovely light aroma to it.  I definitely noticed the difference in using this and now use it every night.  I wear makeup during the week every day and makeup removal at night is so easy with this product.  At the weekend when I am makeup free, I still use this at night as I love the clean feeling on my face before I get into bed.

The image products are not easy to get online and are only sold in specialist beauty clinics or dermatologists.  I was told by one of the Therapists that it was pharmaceutically graded and that the Image products are not classed as cosmetic but between a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical product, which apparently is better.  Well, hell, I’m sold! I love the Image products and highly recommend them!

This is not a sponsored ad and the opinions are my own.

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