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Learn how to sew a simple, pretty cushion cover anyone can make!

So, I wanted a pretty darn cute cushion for my newly painted chair that I use when at my sewing machine and thought I’d share how to do a simple pretty cushion cover like the picture above. This is such an easy sewing project.  This cushion is so simple to make, it’s very basic and anyone who can work a pair of scissors and thread a needle can do this, but if you have a sewing machine, all the better as this speeds things up!


All you need is:

….a strip of fabric, a cushion and a basic sewing box. There is no zip, no tricky parts to this cushion at all, the cover will close by overlapping like an envelope.  The fabric I’m using for this cushion, I got from they have a great choice of the prettiest prints and designs.  You can buy a cushion or do as I did and remove a cover from a cushion you already have, my cushion cover was a dark colour and wasn’t being used anymore as I’d changed the colour scheme of the room it was in a long time ago.

Place your fabric down and place the cushion on top. The amount of fabric you need will depend on the size of the cushion.  To get the length of fabric needed, first fold the fabric up over ¾ of the cushion and then fold down ¾ of the cushion, covering the entire cushion, this will be the length of the fabric you need to cut.  Leave 2cm of fabric either side of the cushion as this will be where you sew the seam.

Once you have cut out the length of fabric you need, make a hem at each end of the fabric by turning or folding twice, this will stop any fraying and stitch across the hem from one side to the other. At this point iron the fabric to get rid of creases.

To put together, put fabric face down so the wrong side is showing, then place the cushion on the fabric and bring the fabric ¾ down over the cushion and bring up at the other end ¾ over the cushion, so that the cushion is now covered in fabric.

Next, pin the edges on one side making sure not to pin the cushion.  When you have pinned one side, pull the cushion out.  Level up the fabric so it is nice and flat.  Then, pin the other side together and stitch all the way down on both sides 1.5cm from the edge of each side.

(In the middle of the picture above you can see where I hemmed the end of the length of fabric so that it doesn’t fray, as previously said above, this is where the opening is).

Then, hand sew both edges 1.5cm from edge.  If you have a machine, it is quicker still.

Mitre the corners, so that when the cushion cover is turned inside out the corners won’t bunch up.  Turn the cover inside out to the right side, pushing the corners out.

Then put your cushion into your cover, making sure the cushion fits all nice and smooth. That’s all there is to it, nice and simple.

Please feel free to comment and if you have any questions, please let me know, also I’d love to see your sewing projects!

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