Mousetrap review

A review on The Mousetrap play, the longest running play in the world still running in London’s West End after 65 years!

Why is it still so popular after all these years?

The Mousetrap is the longest running play in the world and is celebrating its 65th year in the West End! Why is it still so popular after 60+ years? I had to find out so I booked tickets for the night of my birthday in December.  The tickets cost £47.50/€57 each.

Being a fan of Agatha Christie I had wanted to see this for a while, I thought it must be good to still be going after all this time and surely, being an Agatha Christie play there had to be a juicy murder!

We arrived at the theatre just before 7 in the evening and went to a small theatre bar, as the play wasn’t starting until 7:30pm.  St Martin’s Theatre is easy to access and is opposite the Ivy Restaurant, which has reasonably priced food. The Theatre is lovely, atmospheric and had a quaint sort of feel to it. It is not large but a lovely, intimate theatre.

A loud bell went off just before 7:30 to tell us to take our seats. We had seats in the stalls, I always try to book seats in the stalls, usually between rows 5-12, so that I can see, there is nothing worse than being too close and getting whiplash when you have to stretch your neck horizontally just to see, or being so far back, you can’t hear and a big, tall person, always with a big hat or big hair insists on sitting in front of you and then you definitely can’t see! It would just ruin your night! Of course, we had the most perfect seats in row H. If you don’t count the rather loud lady who decided to tell the whole place she was moving to better seats, if people didn’t turn up. Her seat, we were all thankfully informed, was distasteful to her as it was too far back in the auditorium. Oh crap! She was eyeing two empty seats beside me, I froze and prayed the people who had bought the seats would darn well hurry up! the cheek of them to have the bad manners to leave me to put up with loud lady. Phew! After all the excitement, she finally took her seat in the row in front of hubby and I and was well behaved once the play started.

The play was set in the drawing room of a guesthouse during the 1950’s, there was indeed a juicy murder, just as I had hoped! The guests are stranded during an awful snow storm and there is no contact with the outside world. The plot thickens when one of the guests is murdered and we find out a bit more about all the people staying in the house, each having their own little secrets. It was a clever play and it has some funny moments, more than I thought and the acting was great.

That, I’m afraid is all I can say about the events itself, for at the end of the play, one of the actors told us all to keep the secret of who the murderer was. I spent my time, trying to figure out who was the murderer and kept changing my mind throughout. The running time was approximately 2 hours with a 20 minute interval. The play is a classic whodunit and well worth seeing and I would highly recommend it. We really enjoyed it and the ending was not what I expected, I really did not see it coming when the murderer was revealed!

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