Chocolate raspberry hearts

Valentine’s day is almost here so today I’m sharing with you how to make homemade chocolate raspberry hearts. It is easy to do, if a little messy! Why not try them out for your special someone this week.

All you need is a couple of bars of your favourite chocolate, I used dark chocolate, but you can use milk or white, whatever your heart desires, some raspberries and a heart silicone mould, I bought mine in Dunnes.

All you do is melt your bars slowly in a bowl over a pot of simmering water. Don’t boil the chocolate.

I crushed the raspberries in a pestle and morter.

Next, I took a bit of the melted chocolate out of the bowl that was simmering over the saucepan and put it into the silicon mould, as I wanted a smooth top to the chocolate. Then stir in the raspberries into the remaining chocolate that you have left in the bowl, when you add the raspberries, the chocolate becomes thicker and more sticky. Spoon a teaspoon of the chocolate and raspberry mixture into each mould. My mould is very deep, so I just went halfway up. You can be messy just like I was then pop into the freezer for about an hour.

After the hour is up take out the moulds and trim the bottom to neaten up and voila, lovely chocolate raspberry hearts!.

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